Passage Concept Store
Inside Berkshire Emporium (59 Main Street, North Adams, MA)
Est. November 2021

Published 12/20/21

Marie Vadillo-Glasier has been visiting the Berkshires for over a decade now. She has always been interested in home goods and interior design, which is what brought her to open a concept store in North Adams this past month. It’s called Passage (pronounced pah-saj), derived from the french word, which refers to an elite department store in Russia founded in 1848. It’s stocked with vintage consigned clothing, handmade pots from Bali, custom clay pots, unique blankets and pillows, and other home design products.


“Everything is one of a kind,” Vadillo-Glasier said. “I still need to curate more items. I just keep searching and searching. It’s taking over my basement a bit. Passage is like passing by. Vintage goods getting a second life; clothes.. home decor items.”


Vadillo-Glasier originally lived in New York City full-time and worked for Ralph Lauren. Within the last five years, she and her husband bought a house in the area. Once the pandemic hit they temporarily left the city for the Berkshires and this led Vadillo-Glasier to get more familiar with the community. After she lost her job, Vadillo-Glasier knew she wanted to open her own shop and jumped at the opportunity when she got word that Keith Bona, owner of Berkshire Emporium, was renting out storefronts.



“He [Bona] has been so supportive,” Vadillo-Glasier said. “By myself, it would have been so difficult.”


She also said community members and friends have been supportive with setting up the store and managing product deliveries.


“So many people pitched in. All of the friends have been helping,” she added.


Originally Vadillo-Glasier had her eyes set on Brooklyn for the concept store, but after going over the numbers with North Adams Chamber Business Development Coordinator Nico Dery, the storefront location changed. The inventory of affordable spaces was slim in New York and Vadillo-Glasier had grown to really fall in love with the energy and people in North Adams.

“Nico helped me tremendously with my business plan and to think about details. Definitely, now I have a solid basis because of her,” Vadillo-Glasier said.

Passage has been open for about a month now and Vadillo-Glasier said the response has been incredible. She is already showcasing work from local artists such as textiles and ceramics.


“I love connecting with local folks. There’s so much energy, talent, and passion to make this town move and make it a destination and not only for the museum.”


Passage Concept Store is open Sun-Wed 10:30-4, Thurs-Sat 10-5 p.m. through the Berkshire Emporium entrance.