Eric Rudd and visiting artists, showcased in historic church re-purposed as an art museum and gallery space.


Current Exhibitions:

“That 70s Show”

(Benigna Chilla; Peter Dudek; Warner Friedman; Mike Glier;

Joe Goodwin; Julio Granda; Stephen Hannock; Robert Henriquez;

Thomas Hoadley; William Oberst; Jim Peters; Sarah Sutro; David Zaig

“That ‘70s Show” presents a retrospective look at the 1970s through the lens of Berkshire artists. The exhibit will offer visitors a panorama of that transitional decade which brought America out of Modernism and intoPostmodernism. Our show includes word-dependent conceptual pieces; geometric abstractions; photorealism; documented performance art, and various styles of figuration.

Selections from the Permanent Collection: “Early Work of Eric Rudd 1966-1980”

Iceberg Installation of Lexan Sculptures/Robotic “Walter’s Ontogen”

“Then and Now”

“Fresh Paint”

“A Chapel for Humanity” (annex)