The Artist Impact Coalition is a group of community arts organizers who care about making North Adams an amazing place for artists to live and work. We’re the folks who organize the North Berkshire Artist Meet-ups, monthly artist eblasts, the North Adams Artist Census, NAMA Swap-o-Rama and more to come. Organizations, galleries, initiatives and individuals who are involved include: MASS MoCA’s Assets for Artists, MCLA’s Berkshire Cultural Resource Center; the City of North Adams, Common Folk, Installation Space, Walkaway House, and several independent practicing area artists.

Contact for general questions: [email protected]
Contact for Artist meet-up & e-newsletter: [email protected]
North Berkshire Artists Meet-Up
The NBA Meet-Up is a quarterly, informal gathering of artists from around the region. The event is open to all and no RSVP is required. Approximately 50 artists attend each event and the group is composed of a broad range of age, artistic practice, and geographic location. Want to come to the next meet-up? Sign up for the NBA monthly emails to receive details when we have them.

North Adams Artist Census
Stand up and be counted! We are undertaking our first ever census of anyone who lives or works in North Adams and considers themselves an artist. This brief, entirely anonymous survey will give us crucial data to be able to better serve and advocate for the artists of our city. And the effect will ripple outward! If you haven’t already done so, take 10 minutes to complete the census and enter a chance to win restaurant or MASS MoCA festival tickets. Form closes April 2, 2020. COMPLETE THE CENSUS NOW

North Berkshire Artist e-Resource
A monthly email containing a curated list of events, exhibitions, performances, opportunities and deadlines that goes out on the 15th of every month. Sign up for the monthly emails today! Have an event or resource to submit? Send it to us.

Through structured community and stakeholder conversations, an overwhelming number of North Adams-based artists have identified the need to better connect with each other and with the local community’s pre-existing resources, businesses, and expertise in order to make their careers and their positive community impact more sustainable. Although North Adams is already a relatively desirable community for artists to live in, artists recognize that certain conditions could still be improved as our community seeks to grow into being a uniquely artist-focused small city. Artists are a large segment of our current local population, and represent one area of strong potential growth.

Artists’ professional practices are varied, with each project often requiring new skills, tools, materials, or relationships. Additionally, as with any freelance industry, artists require professionalization, financial training, mentorship and support to succeed. Different organizations in North Adams are able to help with some of these needs, but no centralized resource coalition existed and many local resources remained unmapped.

To meet this need, Assets for Artists brought together key stakeholders to found the North Adams Artist Impact Coalition.

Using the Collective Impact model – with its growing body of evidence in support of highly coordinated intervention strategies to achieve long-lasting change in the face of stubborn obstacles – the Artist Impact Coalition comprises of local artists, artist service organizations, and city staff, with MASS MoCA’s Assets for Artists program acting as lead/backbone partner responsible for fiscal management.

Current Coalition Members & Stakeholders:

Blair Benjamin, MASS MoCA’s Assets for Artists & North Adams Cultural District
Gloria Calderon-Saenz, Independent Artist
Carolyn Clayton, MASS MoCA’s Assets for Artists, Walkaway House & Independent Artist
Arthur DeBow, Cultural District Coordinator and Co-Chair of Cultural Council of Northern Berkshire
Anna Farrington, North Adams Public Arts Commission, Installation Space & Graphic Designer
Zachary Feury, City of North Adams Office of Community Development
Briana Halpin, MASS MoCA’s Assets for Artists
Suzy Helme, City of North Adams Office of Tourism & Community Events
Veronica Preciado, MCLA’s Gallery 51
Molly Rideout, MASS MoCA’s Assets for Artists & Independent Artist
Diane Scott, MCLA Department of Fine & Performing Arts
Ashley Strazzinski, Artist Impact Coalition Coordinator & Independent Artist
Sarah Sutro, City of North Adams Public Arts Commission, Eclipse Mill Artist Lofts & Independent Artist
Jess Sweeney, Common Folk Artist Collective, North Adams City Council & Independent Artist
Erica Wall, MCLA’s Berkshire Cultural Resource Center
Becky Waterhouse, Common Folk Artist Collective & Independent Artist
Ben Westbrook, Walkaway House Artist Residency & Independent Artist