The North Adams Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization that promotes and advances the economic, civic and social vibrancy of the North Adams community.
  • We will facilitate communication and collaboration among our local businesses, between businesses and other educational, cultural and regional partners, to serve all aspects of our mission.
  • The NACC will work closely with the City of North Adams to:
    • Coordinate promotion of our city and its businesses by implementing marketing campaigns,
    • Create and promote events that bring people to our city
    • Develop tools to stream events, promotions and gatherings to the local, regional and visiting groups.
    • Organize civic projects such as improving signage, traffic flow, beautification
  • We will connect businesses, both existing and emerging, with information and other resources to help them succeed in North Adams.
  • We will be the voice of the North Adams business community in government affairs, and in key issues that spark community-wide, county-wide and/or regional conversation.